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Doing this alone and without help is impossible allow us to help you find the resources you need. 

Building attachment and understanding the impact of trauma on childhood development:
The Connected Child, Dr. Karyn Purvis
Parenting the Hurt Child, Dr. Gregory Keck and Kupecky
Attaching in Adoption, Deborah Gray
Wounded Children Healing Homes, Jayne E. Schooler, Smalley, and Callahan

Attachment-based parenting strategies:
The Whole-Brain Child, Dr. Daniel Siegel and Bryson
No Drama Discipline, Dr. Daniel Siegel and Bryson
Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control, Heather T. Forbes and Post
I Love You Rituals, Becky A. Bailey


Books on special needs often seen in children from hard places:
(Sensory Processing Disorder and Difficulties) The Out-of-Sync Child, Carol Stock Kranowitz
(Feeding Struggles) Love Me, Feed Me, Dr. Katja Rowell
(Sensory Defensive) Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight, Dr. Sharon Heller


Books to help parents personally dig deeper into their own histories or take the next step in understanding impact of child’s trauma:
Anatomy of the Soul, Dr. Curt Thompson
Parenting from the Inside Out, Dr. Daniel Siegel and Hartzell
The Body Keeps the Score, Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk
The Soul of Shame, Dr. Curt Thompson


Children's books promoting attachment-based responses to common behavioral challenges:
Baby Owl Lost Her Whoo, Cindy R. Lee - accepting authority
Doggie Doesn’t Know “No!”, Cindy R. Lee - accepting no
The Elephant with Small Ears, Cindy R. Lee - listening and minding
The Penguin and the Fine-Looking Fish, Cindy R. Lee - showing respect
It’s Tough to Be Gentle, Cindy R. Lee - gentle and kind
The Redo Roo, Cindy R. Lee - the redo/trying again

DVD Series
Healing Families Video Series, TCU Institute of Child Development
TBRI: An Overview
Children from Hard Places and the Brain
Healthy Touch
Playful Interaction
A Sensory World
Trust-Based Parenting

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