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Foster Family Babysitter Certification

Become a hero's hero by babysitting for a foster family!

The Attic Foster Network, High Sky Children’s Ranch and Buckner Child and Family Services of Midland are excited to collaborate with volunteers at Mid-Cities Community Church to train babysitters for area foster families.

 Click below to register  for   a training! 

Babysitters are trained in 3 Rounds

Round 1 - The Paperwork

Round 2 - Online Training

Round 3 - In Class/Zoom Training

Babysitters trained through this collaborative will be able to:

  • babysit in a High Sky or Buckner licensed foster homes for kids requiring a basic or moderate level care.

  • babysit for up to 12 consecutive hours and without an overnight stay.

  • become a "Frequent Visitor" if they decide to babysit for more than twice a month. 

Now that you are registered,

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