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A Catalyst, A Person of Peace

Sometimes it takes a catalyst, a person of peace, to pull off the big things God wants to do in your life. Jen has often been my person of peace, especially when we bring a new kid into our home.

Donna Maddox is one of those catalysts for change and, I could confidently say a person of peace, if you are on her good side. Over the past 12 years she has done motivational speaking to encourage and empower foster youth currently in the system, to give them hope. As well as, encourage foster parents that they could be the one to have a forever impact on a child's life. Living in Oklahoma City she serves as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), the face of a foster care graduate campaign, Distinctly Oklahoma Philanthropy due to her advocacy for the Foster Child, board member for both Foster Kids Unite, Inc. and El 4 Kids. She has also worked with the FBI's Violent Crimes Against Children Task Force to close an abusive boarding school.

This year Donna Maddox will serve as our co-producer for the "All In" Foster/Adopt Awareness concert featuring Mark Schultz. Really she came with all the connections and the know-how of putting on a concert with Mark. Can't ask for anything better! Since she had done this before, I asked her why she loved putting on these concerts. Here is what she said:

Even though there are many everyday heroes involved in the local community that touch and impact foster care in such influential ways, sometimes, we need help from others that have celebrity status to help raise awareness as they have a greater impact. It is especially impactful when their hearts have been touched by the same compassion as organizations such as The Attic Foster Network.

Not one agency can do all. There is such great need in the community to meet all the needs that exist in the foster care community. We need to come together and bridge to meet all the unmet needs for our orphans.




EVERYONE can do something. Where can you get plugged in? Still not sure? Join us with contemporary Christian Music Artist Mark Schultz let him share his stories and songs on how his life has been impacted in numerous ways through adoption.

Lots of local agencies will have booths at the event and you can find where you fit in and can do your part.


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