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Are You The Answer?

Every month I get a report from CPS on the number of kids from various counties that are in the foster system. And every month I am nailed with the sad truth that over half of them are no where near their home. With all the money and people that have a Biblical mandate to take care of the orphaned there are just not enough homes in the Permian Basin. I will say that though we are all called "to look after orphans and widows in their distress" (James 1:27) not everyone is called to have a foster child in their family. But if the truth that most of these sweet children are being shipped away, some as far Houston, weighs on your heart and you have room in your home, then I beg you to pray about fostering. If you don't hear a hard "NO" then talk with us or another foster parent about it. Then, make the next move. Here is a link to some steps we have laid out.  Are you the answer?

Here are the sad but true facts:

If we do not take hold of the foster crisis these children do not stand a chance.



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