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Big News at The Attic

Big news here at The Attic!

I am moving on to another role in West Texas foster care and Shauna Todd will be the new Executive Director in 2022.

While these decisions are never easy and change is always hard, it is necessary as this movement grows. This kind of change is just what the Permian Basin needs!

Introducing Shauna as our new Executive Director

Looking to the future of The Attic, we have found exactly what we need in Shauna Todd. Shauna is an experienced foster parent, a connected community member, compassionate, smart, and has a vision to see the local church caring for the children of our foster system. As our Assistant Executive Director, we have seen her drive excellence as we continue to empower and equip the church and her people to engage in the children of our foster system.

Stay committed to The Attic

As we shift leadership we would ask that you stay committed to The Attic by:

  • continue giving

  • continue volunteering

  • getting your church involved

  • introduce us to your friends

Now imagine what it will be like to see more of God’s people caring for the Permian Basin’s most vulnerable.

Growth is Good!

When local movements grow, leadership is discovered and the voice for the vulnerable is multiplied in strength, in volume, and in diversity. When local movements grow, community knowledge is shared, strengthening our collaborative efforts. And when local movements grow the your influence grows.

There are big changes at The Attic, Shauna Todd is stepping in as the Executive Director. She is a strong, compassionate, and proven leader. We would ask that you continue to support The Attic in this transition.

Thank you again for your continued support.

We could not do this without you,

Matt Waller

P.S. Did I mention this is going to be so good for the movement to care for the children of our foster system?

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