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CASA Volunteers, SuperHeroes of Our Foster System

Foster care is a system for a reason. The needs of the child and families involved are complex. That said, foster and adoptive parents aren’t the only SuperHeroes involved. One such SuperHero is the CASA Volunteer assigned to the case.

A CASA Volunteer is a Court Appointed Special Advocate for the child that is in foster care. Their role is to represent the best interest of the child to the courts, to the schools, therapists, and sometimes to medical professionals. They will be a child’s SuperHero until he or she goes home, is adopted by a family, or reaches adulthood.

This is no easy task. CASA volunteers are well equipped and ready to give informed, unique, and sometimes difficult insights to the wide array of specialists charged with caring for a child in foster care. To be ready, each CASA Volunteer must undergo 30 hours of training and be sworn in by the local Child Protection Court Judge. When assigned to their case they will meet monthly with their assigned child and have other meetings to know how to best advocate for that child.

These SuperHeroes come from all walks of life and many have full time jobs. If you are interested please contact your local CASA office to get started or come out and meet them at The Attic’s SuperHero Run on April 30th.

Register for the race at

Want to know where to go?

CASA in Midland - CASA of West Texas

CASA in Odessa - CASA of the Permian Basin Area


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