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December 2021 Numbers: The Crisis Continues

What happens to our Permian Basin children when they enter the foster care system?

Sadly, almost 89% of them will be moved away from their home county and 65% of them will be moved out of our 30-county region. This can be devastating because it means that they are surrounded by unfamiliar places and unfamiliar faces as they adjust to a new family setting.

What is happening?

This foster crisis has existed in the Permian Basin for a long time now and is result of not having enough foster homes in our area to take care of our children. It can be intimidating to consider becoming involved with helping children in our foster system, but our kids deserve our help!

What can we do?

If you have considered becoming a foster parent or adopting, please start the process now. You can find information on our website or go to to find an agency in your area.

We know that not everyone can foster or adopt, but we believe that everyone can do something. Providing support for families who do foster or adopt is vital for each child’s well-being, so we’d love to get you connected with opportunities to help!

If you’re looking for other ways to help, please reach out to us!

Get Informed ◉ Get Equipped ◉ Be the HERO these kids need!


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