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Engage Your Church

Orphan Sunday is November 12th and we want our people to engage their church. Imagine if you and your friends wear this shirt to worship sending a message that the crisis of the local orphan can only be solved by the local church answering God's call (James 1:27).

With staggering statistics that up to 80% of children in CPS care from the Permian Basin will be in a foster home outside of their home county and up to 50% of them will be placed outside of the Permian Basin we must send a message that these are our kids and that they need to be in our care. Its when they are placed far from their home community that they are at the most risk of never reunifying and never reaching a forever home.

Join The Attic Foster Network in raising awareness in your church on November 12th. Click the link to purchase yours and procedes from the sale will go directly to prevent CPS removals and support fostering and adoptive parents in the Permian Basin.


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