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Foster Parents, SuperHeroes of Our Foster System

Often our greatest hero, as children, are the adults that are closest to us. God made us this way so that we would form close bonds to help us survive and thrive. We remember that the children of our foster system feel the same way about the parents they have been removed from. Regardless of treatment, poverty, or addiction, children long to be with their parents.

Couple these feelings with the demands of being a foster child and there is an ocean of pain and confusion that needs to be navigated. Foster parents do just that. Rather than pulling children out of their difficult situation they jump in with them. And in the messy day to day, they show them how to begin to heal the pain and cope with confusion.

They are not faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive. There is no leaping over tall buildings and they will tell you that when it comes to the kids in their homes, they have no disguises. Rather, they are superheroes in the way they serve and love these children. Sure the schedule is breakneck with therapists, specialists, doctors, caseworkers, lawyers, and judges. But the foster parent’s superpower is patience and consistency. They display their superhero powers in things like taking the opportunity to slow down-taking an extra minute to embrace each day with love and meet these children where they are.

Join us on April 30th at The Attic’s SuperHero Run as we celebrate foster parents, superheroes of our foster system. And if you think you can don the cape of these superheroes we will have our people there to help you begin your origin story.



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