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From Shauna

To The Attic Family,

We are so excited about all the changes going on at The Attic!

As Matt moves on to serve the foster community in another capacity, I am honored to be growing into my new role as Executive Director at The Attic. The Waller’s have changed the face of foster care in our community, and I’m excited to carry on our mission of empowering and equipping the church and her people to engage in the prevention, intervention, and emancipation of the local orphan.

What’s next?

The Attic will continue to serve the children in our area and provide tangible resources to children in foster care as efficiently as possible.

But our goal is more than that! It’s been exciting to see the growth and collaboration around foster care in the Permian Basin. We would love to see the people in our community continue to grow this movement.

We understand that the foster care crisis in our area can be overwhelming, and, understandably, the community and local churches feel powerless to serve these children. The Attic has the experience to help you navigate this! We would love to help you and your church attack the crisis with confidence. Everyone can help in some way, so we’d love to help you find where you can serve.

What can you do?

  • Continue to support The Attic

  • Request information about fostering/adopting

  • Schedule a time to talk to us about how you can become involved

  • Get your church connected with us

Get Informed! Get Equipped! Be the hero these children need!

Thank you,

Shauna Todd


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