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From the Network : The Value of FPNOs

Megan Perea works at Midland Bible Church as a kids’ ministry coordinator. Working in conjunction with TAFN for the last five years, Foster Parent Night Out is one of the highlights of each semester! In her free time, Megan loves traveling and hiking with her family who are working toward visiting all the U.S. national parks together!

God’s instruction to care for widows and orphans often stops me in my tracks. I would often ask myself, “How can I obey this in the midst of everything else I’m juggling?”. My husband and I are not feeling called to become foster parents yet, but the needs of the kids of the Permian Basin break my heart, and I want to be a part of the solution! Partnering with The Attic Foster Network has been exactly the opportunity I was looking for!

I love Foster Parent Night Out because it provides so many great opportunities. Our church members have an opportunity to know foster families and serve them tangibly. Foster families get a much deserved opportunity for a night off. I have an opportunity to step outside of my personal priorities for an evening and give to those who spend their lives putting aside their own needs.

The feedback we’ve received from our volunteers proves the value of FPNO!

“Wow! Those families clearly have a strong connection with one another.”

“Gosh, those kids were so sweet and easy. That was fun!”

“I’m so thankful for the chance to serve next to my teenager.”

“Call me next time you do this!”

FPNO is a win for everyone involved. Observing the camaraderie between foster families blessed us greatly. We cherish the heartfelt thank yous from parents who are dressed up and excited for a rare date night. FPNO is a sacred opportunity to love God and love others!

If you are interested in getting your church involved, or if you are looking to register your children for our next FPNO event, click here for more information! We are exited to continue to partner with and serve the local community and we'd love for you to be apart of it!



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