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July 2021 Numbers: The Crisis Continues

It doesn't ever change.

It's always the same.

We hear this from those that have been around foster care in the Permian Basin and we found it to be true also. Consistently, around 10% of all children removed in the Permian Basin will stay in their home county. We too were lulled to sleep by this trend and did not stop to look at the number posted by DFPS for a few months. You can imagine our surprise when we finally looked and saw that that number has changed.

Numbers posted for July of 2021 still show around 60% of our kids placed in our region but we were absolutely shocked to see that the amount of children placed in their home county dropped almost 2 whole percentage points from when we last reported it in March. Currently a sad 7.7% of children removed in the permian basin are placed in a home of institution in the county they were removed from.

Having moved well into the single digits on this metric is proof that the Permian Basin needs more foster parents. If this has been on your heart and you are ready to pull the trigger go to and use your zip code to find an agency near you.

If you still have questions or have just begun to explore fostering checkout our website for some resources to help you ask questions and take a personal inventory.

If fostering or adoption is not for you, that's ok. There are tons of ways you can still help out. Support your local foster of adoptive parents and the agencies that serve them. Get your church involved, they can host a Foster Parent Night Out or an info meeting. We can help with both and we would love to take you out for coffee.


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