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Night Watch

It’s not easy to swallow. It means a child has been removed but that there is no home for them to go to. It means they often have to sleep in a caseworker's office or a hotel. It means that the caseworker, who has already walked through much heartache that day, will stay up all night caring for this child and trying to find a home to take them in. This is Night Watch.

In Midland and Odessa, 78% of the children that are removed from their home leave the county, which means CPS workers find themselves doing a Night Watch more than they want to.

But, what if? What if night watch could be a safe haven and a blessing? What if in a dark time a light could be turned?

Fostering Restoration Ministries has a two bedroom apartment for use as Night Watch and we get to help them outfit and manage it. Fostering Restoration Ministries' desire is to give the children love with a warm shower, a comfy bed, new pajamas, and some food; and to give the caseworkers as much comfort and ease as possible.

This is where we need you!

First, we are helping them look for some startup items. Follow this link to grab some things off of our Amazon wish list:

Second, we are looking for churches to help us with special projects, caring for and pray over this apartment. Churches can help us stock, clean and refresh the facility all while learn about and praying for our regions foster care crisis.  

This is how you can be the hands and feet of Jesus to these workers and to His children.


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