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November By The Numbers

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Today we look back to October for a snapshot of the state of foster care in the Permian Basin. When numbers were run there were 285 children from the Permian Basin in the foster system. This means that their court case is based out of the Permian Basin counties of DFPS Region 09. One might hope that these children will be placed in a home within their community but that just isn’t the case. Only 29 of these kids are in a home in the county that they are from and 106 are in our region.

Can you imagine how difficult this time of year is for these families? A season meant for giving thanks for the gifts God has given you and not having the most precious gifts around you. Like most parents we give thanks for the fact that we have children, that they are healthy, and the joy that they bring to our household. Sadly, parents fighting to get their kids can only hope their children are doing well and that they are enjoying this season as much as possible.

Since it’s National Adoption Awareness Month, we can’t help but think about the 35 Permian Basin children waiting to be adopted and won’t have thanksgiving in their forever home.

If this is stirring to you, start exploring today! No commitment necessary just gathering information.

Or it you would like to talk with someone, give us a call at 432-203-5977

Here is the breakdown of Permian Basin kids in foster care by county.


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