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Popcorn's Birthday Run

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Popcorn Leonard before running 60 miles on his 60th birthday.

Not just anyone would think to themselves, “I want to run a mile for every year that I’ve been alive…”

This is exactly where Midland running-legend and owner of The King & I restaurant, Nopporn “Popcorn” Leonard, found himself 8 days before he turned 59. As an accomplished marathoner, Popcorn had typically never run more than 26 miles and had only once run 40 miles back in his 40s. Even then, as he put it, he became “sick as a dog”. With newfound determination, and the wild spirit of a spry 59 year old, he finished his 59 miles in just over 13 hours.

Finding a new way to celebrate his age, he ran 60 miles the following year when he turned 60 and shaved 3 hours off of his finishing time. It's amazing what training will do!

Recognizing that this is no normal feat and realizing the amount of influence he has in Midland, he decided to use this platform to raise money for local nonprofits.

We were honored to find out that this year Popcorn will run 61 miles to celebrate his 61st birthday and has chosen to raise money and awareness for The Attic Foster Network. His goal is to raise $5,000 and to finish at The Attic’s SuperHero Run on April 30th.

We would love to see you support his effort and celebrate his birthday by joining with him to support The Attic.

To give to support his run go to and select “Popcorn's Birthday Run” under My donation is for*

Come join us and cheer Popcorn on as he crosses the finish line at The Attic SuperHero Run on April 30; starting at 8am. Click here to register for the 5K or for the Kids 1K.



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