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Who is Popcorn and why The Attic?

Popcorn Leonard is ubiquitous to the West Texas running scene and might be one of the more interesting people in this town.

Popcorn was born in Bangkok, Thailand. His mother cooked in a small restaurant there near a US Airforce Base. This restaurant was frequented by the airmen who wanted a taste of the local fare. One airman came to the restaurant, met Popcorn’s mother and became a regular. There, over fried rice, they fell in love. He would marry her and adopt Popcorn to be his son.

You see, the purpose of The Attic, to care for the local orphan, is near and dear to Popcorn’s heart. Where would he be if it were not for the blessing of “adoption” and because someone wanted to bring him into their family. Where would Midland be if we didn't have The King & I Thai Restaurant or his influence on our local runners?

Starting in the early hours of April 30th, he will do it again. Making his mark in a huge way, Popcorn will run 61 miles for his 61st birthday! He will be raising money and awareness for The Attic in support of our work with local adoption and foster care.

Give on our donate page, and select “Popcorn’s Run” under My donation is for*

AND come see him finish up his 61 mile run and join us for the The Attic SuperHero Run! Register Today!


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