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Why a Concert?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We love to teach about one of God’s most incredible creations, the human brain. It is a series of neurons that control the muscles, bones, organs, and glands that make our body. But just because it is what makes our body it is not what makes us human. Though they are made up of the same stuff, no other animal can sit in awe of the world around them. While I think mammals can feel love and connection they certainly aren’t moved by beauty. Speaking for my dog, she won’t just stare at a mountain range, take in a sunset, bob her head to music, or savor the bite of steak that fell off my plate.

God designed us to be moved by those things the are good, true, or beautiful. If you have been to The Hub or on our website you have no doubt seen the copy or the painting “Seen” by Sara Drescher. Jen and I commissioned her to create a painting that would depict the trials and hope within foster care in the Permian Basin. Further, I told her that we wanted a painting that would save lives because it would move families to take action for hurting children.

With that same motivation we jumped at the opportunity to have Radney Foster and Kyle Hutton in concert for their “A Place to Stay Tour”. This was a series of songs that brought awareness of the foster crisis across the state and the message that there were many roles to fill. The message was moving and the concert-goers’ hearts were pricked and we had organizations there ready to talk with them about how they can get involved.

It was a great success, hearts were moved and connections were made. Early 2020 we were approached about the opportunity to bring Mark Schultz to the Permian Basin for another awareness concert. In looking at Mark’s story, you will see that he was adopted and has done a ton of work for those wanting to adopt. The fit was perfect again. We get to work with artists that have been personally touched by adoption and have a passion for bringing its beauty to others. To get a glimpse into Mark’s heart we would recommend checking out his music video and song “Everything To Me”.

We hope you will come out to hear hist heart for yourself on May 14th to Grace Christian Fellowship for the Mark Schultz “All In” Foster Care and Adoption Awareness concert. You Can get your tickets at .

SeeYa There!


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