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Why a SuperHero Run?

More than half of the children from the Permian Basin that are in foster care are placed outside of our 30-county region. Looking at this sad reality, we know that the best people to take care of the problem are the local community and local churches. We cannot say that everyone is called to foster or adopt but there are many ways to be the "SuperHeroes" our children need. If we all do something, then fewer children will be placed out of our region, out of their county, or out of their homes.

The Attic SuperHero Run is a 5K event (1K for the kids) for the Permian Basin with the message that there are so many ways to be "SuperHeroes" for local foster care and adoption. The event will serve to raise awareness about the foster crisis in our area.

Our goal is to provide a fun run that families can enjoy together, encourage more involvement in helping with the children of our foster system, and to celebrate the SuperHeroes already doing the work. We want for every participant and spectator to learn new ways that they can become SuperHeroes for children and families in our community that are struggling.

You might not be a runner and you might not think you could be a child's superhero but this could be your origin story.



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