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Why A SuperHero Run?

When a vulnerable family in our community struggles and needs help to care for their children, it takes true heroes to step in and nurture them. It’s the efforts of many different heroes that provide support for a child during this difficult time. This support can make all the difference in a child’s health and well-being for a lifetime.

The Attic’s SuperHero Run is a fun, family friendly event to honor these heroes and raise awareness for the foster crisis that continues in our area. Last year’s event was a wonderful display of the community coming together decked out in SuperHero gear and showing support for those involved in the foster care system. It was a joy to see foster, adoptive, and kinship families walk and run the race with those from the community who help support them in their foster care journey.

We know that not everyone can foster or adopt, but we know that the needs are many and everyone can do something.

Join us this year and show your support for our local heroes who make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children! Go to and sign up today!


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