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Meet Our Team

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Shauna Todd

Shauna and her husband Steve are long-time Midland residents. They have two daughters, Savannah and Addison, both of which have graduated from Midland Classical Academy and are now in college. As an educator, Shauna began her career in special education but spent most of her time teaching at Midland Classical Academy’s Grammar School.


Shauna and Steve served in youth ministry and in homeless ministry. Through these ministries, God placed foster care in their hearts, and they answered that call in 2018. In their foster care journey, Shauna realized the need for good foster homes and the great need for the community to support those foster homes. 


Now as an empty nester, Shauna has turned her passion for foster care into a second career. With The Attic, she is excited to support the children of our foster system and see the church step into their biblical calling.

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Misty Casey

Inventory Manager

Misty and her husband, Cody, have lived in Midland for 16 years. They have three daughters and are members of Redeemer Midland. Misty is new to the foster care world but has grown to have a heart for children and families in crisis. She first became aware of The Attic after her daughters volunteered there with their school. As she learned more about the foster care situation in our community and the difference that The Attic is able to make for families, she was grateful to become part of this ministry.  

Matt & Jen Waller


The Attic was founded in February of 2016 by Matt and Jen Waller out of a need to support foster families in the Permian Basin. Beginning as Facebook Group, The Attic was a resource exchange. As the need and desire to help grew, The Lord made it clear that it was the place of the local church to recruit and support their own. The Attic's board of directors made it our mission "to empower and equip the church and her people to engage in the prevention, intervention, and emancipation of the local orphan".

From the beginning, Matt and Jen knew this was not theirs but rather God's tool for the Permian Basin. In 2021 Matt and Jen began to make the difficult steps to get out of the way and let God's people in the Permian Basin take over. Matt stepped down as the executive director and Jen stepped away from filling request.

Both have a great desire to see The Attic do well and to see God's people rise up and serve the children and families of our foster system. 

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