Start Fostering

...intervention of the local orphan. 

With most of the children that are in Midland and Odessa's foster care going outside our area serving these kids directly is the greatest need.

Here's how...

Step 1- Attend a Meeting

The Department of Family Protective Services offers monthly recruitment meetings to give prospective foster parent information and tips on how to start the process. Here is a link:

Step 2- Find a Mentor

Allow us to connect you with a family that is already in our Foster Network. Meet with them once or twice with questions. They will likely be one of the many you will go to for support in this journey.

Step 3 - Determine Motives

There are any number of reasons for joining this cause and it is no easy journey. We ask you to think and pray hard about your decision to foster. Have the discussion with your mentor family, other foster parents you know or talk to us. Here is a resource that can help guide your reflection:

Step 4 - Recruit Your Network

The Attic is a network of foster parents, churches, organizations, and businesses that are centered around supporting foster parents but you need to recruit your friends, family and maybe even your church to join you. Tell your church about our church engagement efforts and invite your friends and family to start praying for you and maybe help out. 

Step 5 - Determine your Direction

Foster, Foster to Adopt, or straight Adoption? Which one is right for you and your family? How many children will you invite into your home? Which race or culture fits? What disability or diagnosis can you handle? These questions can only be answered through reflection, seeking counsel, and prayer. Ask around and keep in mind that you don't have to have this question answered to move to the next step. 

Step 6 - Find An Agency

We at The Attic feel like this is one of the most important steps. An agency will act as your advocate and help you with questions about licensing, CPS, and about your child's case. The agencies in Midland and Odessa are incredible and often have a standard that exceeds that of The State of Texas so you can be confident when working with them. 

Step 7 - Get Ready

Preparations to foster can be overwhelming. Your agency will train you and tell you what you how to prepare your home. Join The Attic's Facebook Group dig deep in The Attic's Foster Network and make connections with other foster parents. They will be your best resource.

Step 8 - Wait

With all your paperwork done and filed with the correct entities you now have only to wait for a child. There is no standard, the wait can be weeks or only hours. Though it is hard, trust The Lord and trust the system. 

Step 9 - Placement

Game On! Remember your training, enjoy your time at home and let us know. Tell us the age and gender and we will get you some help. Use this check-list to help with logistics and connect, connect, connect.  

We want to help!

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