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  • 1 year commitment January-December

  • Meet for lunch or coffee once a month

  • Encourage your Caseworker in one other way through an encouraging note, mailed care package or gift card to a favorite restaurant.

  • We ask that volunteers would make the resources of their church available to the caseworkers clients as they are mutually able.  (ex. bed or bedding to family in need)

  • Tell us about your experience.

  • Volunteers must apply via the link provided.



...empower Churches and their people to engage...

Long hours, difficult situations, and tragic scenes. We know the life of a CPS Caseworker is demanding and under appreciated. The Attic would like to use its network of churches and friends to encourage and bless every caseworker in Midland and Odessa. 

For Volunteers
For Caseworkers

This program is intended to be a blessing and encouragement as you pursue your career in child welfare. This program will not force any extra work or burden on your already heavy load.  We hope that you will see the volunteer chosen for you as a resource to help you thrive and as another means of meeting your clients' tangible needs. 

No need to apply just fill out this quick survey to tell us a little bit about yourself. It is through this survey that we will be able to match you up with a volunteer.   

Quick Facts

  • 79% of all Caseworkers will resign after 5 years

  • 36% will resign in 2 years

  • It costs the state $54,000 to hire and train one caseworker, not including salary.

  • 75% of kids with one worker will reach permanency while only 18% with two workers will and the number drop from there

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