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Local Churches as the SuperHero

It might surprise you to know that our local churches are SuperHeroes for children in the foster system. Many churches of the Permian Basin are involved in this difficult, often confusing to navigate, process of supporting children and families in crisis. They have been quick to zip into a phone booth and don their capes in a moment’s notice to help! They offer this support in a variety of ways.

Recruiting and Supporting Foster Families

Many churches have foster families or adoptive families in their congregations. The church is a valuable resource in providing stable families for children.

Offering Resources

The churches in our area are a source of consistent generosity when it comes to supporting the needs of families in our area. They provide meals, meet needs through CarePortal, and provide many of the resources for our Community Closet. They have also been valuable in providing volunteers to help with home improvement projects to create safe places for children to stay.

Hosting Events

Our local churches host events such as Foster Parent Night Out to offer foster parents with a much-need night out. They also host a Foster Parent Support Group, our Impact of Trauma Trainings, and Church Forums which are a valuable resource for the community.

We have been blessed to see our local churches seek out opportunities to serve and live out the mandate from James 1:27 and meet these children in their affliction.

We’re proud to partner with these humble heroes that might seemingly fly below the skyline but are quick to swoop in and meet needs.

Help us celebrate our heroes by participating in The Attic SuperHero Run!

MBC Pastor Andrew Adams finishing the The Attic SuperHero Run in 2022


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