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2020 Q3 Good Report

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

While life is getting back to normal, or settled into this new normal, the Coronavirus and the rock bottom oil is still creating great hardship for Permian Basin families and especially for those families at risk. The numbers from July, August, and September of 2020 have certainly proved that to be true but the “Network”, that’s YOU, has come through. The “Network” has stood families up in this difficult time through the goods we have been able to distribute to local families in need and foster families. That “Network” has provided in kind donations through our Amazon shopping list, Crestview Baptist held a church-wide drive to provide bedding, home safety needs. Local churches provide 1,354 masks for CPS case workers and their clients. Since the beginning of the pandemic we have distributed 2,989 PPE masks to CPS caseworkers utilizing the talents of 9 local churches and organizations. This last quarter we served 102 families, which is more than a family a day and 198 children in all. 49 of those children received their own bed or crib and 16 got into a car seat or booster.

While giving and participation has been great we cannot lose sight of the reality that more kids are leaving our area than are staying when their home life breaks down and they have to go into foster care. Simply put, we need more homes. If you are thinking of fostering or adoption start here.

We also can’t lose sight that there is still more work to do in the Permian Basin and 2020 is not over. The Attic is $10,000 shy of our donation goal for the year. Would you pray about giving so that we can keep serving area kids and families in crisis? You can make your one time donations or sign up to give monthly right here. Of course you can always mail a check to:

The Attic Foster Network

2003 Oaklawn Dr.

Midland, TX 79705

All donations are tax deductible and funds stay right here in the Permian Basin.

If you would like to receive our quarterly Good Report through the mail you can add your address here.

Remember the only way we are going to end the foster crisis in the Permian Basin is if we all get involved.


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