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Camp Quarantine Week 1

We have always loved camp because at camp you make the best of every situation. Let's make the best of this situation. Slow down, enjoy each other, and make some memories.

The Schedule:

Sunday 4/05 - Sunday Spotlight

Another month of quarantine would be hard for anyone. Set it up right, lay a foundation of expectations and give your family a common language.

Use this template to have the conversation and build your common language. Start with a "Check In" to see how everyone is doing. Let everyone share and make sure you validate and comfort your children. Then as a family come up with list of things you want to be while in the quarantine. We, the Waller's chose that we wanted to be genuine, anchored to the truth, and positive to name a few. Then list some Attitudes you will need to be those characteristics you listed. We listed things like helpful, loving, and chill. Here is a visual aid. Let us know how it goes and what you learned.

Monday 4/06 - Make it Monday

Today, let's make Easter Gardens. This can be done many different ways. You will want a pot or tray and dirt to begin. We always try to have a few new plants, or just tall grass that we find around the yard. Add a rock for the tomb and a cross. Our cross is two nails wired together, but you could use any type of cross that you have around the house or can make. As we make our garden we talk about what it means and what we are celebrating this week. Put it in a fun place around your home that you can see everyday and remind you to talk with your kids about Easter and the tomb.

Tuesday 4/07 - Travel Tuesday

It's hard to be at home all the time so take some time to virtually travel the world. This week we will go to the places to get us ready for Easter. Check out The Holy Land, The Vatican, and The Museum of the Bible in DC. After you have watched it enjoy some conversation with your family.

The Holy Land:

The Vatican Museums

The Museum of the Bible - The Lonesome Curator:

Questions for later:

What would be a meaningful trip for you to take?

If you could go to the Holy Land, what would you want to see?

Other than The Holy Land what trip would bring you closer to God?

Wednesday 4/08 - Walk It Wednesday

Go for a Candy Walk. Get your family together to go for a walk but everyone needs to have a lollipop or a ring pop with them. See which one lasts longer the walk or the candy. Revisit some of the things you talked about in your Camp Covenant.

Walking questions:

How do you feel? (Let everyone have a turn to respond)

Tell us a high for the week and tell us a low for the week.

Thursday 4/09 - Thoughtful Thursday

Make some Easter cards for your neighbors or friends today. Use whatever you have around the house and have fun letting the kids create. When you are done you can drive them or walk them to their front doors.

Questions for later:

How is this showing love?

Why did you pick the person you picked?

Friday 4/10 - Family Fun Friday

Cozy up on the couch with popcorn and your favorite drink for a retelling of one of the classics, Pilgrim’s Progress. This powerful allegory will prepare your heart and mind for Easter by exploring the importance of sticking to the path even when the journey is difficult.

Follow the link to register and access the discussion guide.

Questions for later:

Parents, look through the guide before hand and talk about it Saturday morning over donuts.

Saturday 4/11 - Saturday Adventure

Stations of the Cross:

This is a really special way to spend time as a family and experience Easter.

Here is a link to walk you through the stations.


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